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Full Service Generational Wealth Building Options & Customized Mentoring Experiences for First Generation Wealth Builders and Second Generation Wealth Builders

Admin Contact: Shatoyia Jones; Taitiana Watson

"Build Your Own Table So That You, Your Children and Your Loved Ones Don't Have to Beg, Dilute Their Excellence or Compromise Their Values and Human Dignity for a Seat at Someone Else's Table."

- Shatoyia Jones

Founder / CEO / Director of Operations


How Can We Change Your and Your Family's Lives?

Welcome to our community of first-generation wealth builders--those who are the first in their family to think about or start the process of building generational wealth!

First Ladies of Poverty Foundation is an organization of independent agents nationwide wide who truly understand the value of having access to the most accurate information and relevant resources for building individual and generational wealth, as well as the impact it has on families and communities. We help provide guidance to educational programming and accountability support for creating a solid foundation for individual and stability and security for yourself and your loved ones even after you're gone. 

     Are you the first (or one of the few) in your family to think about or start the process of building generational wealth? Start or continue your journey with us! Join our community, enroll in our signature 5 Stages to Building Generational Wealth mentoring program, enroll in one of our wealth building masterclasses, register for an upcoming boot-camp, sign up for a mentoring session with one of our mentors, or watch some of our exclusive FLP On Demand content to increase your knowledge on building generational and continually progress on your journey!

What We Do

First Ladies of Poverty Foundation is a community center, resource hub and mentor network. We offer our own programs, as well as partner with top-tier finance, business, investing and wealth building professionals around the globe so that you are able to find the educational program, mentors and financial assets that best fits your situation. You will be paired with at least one mentor as well as 24/7 access to community support and inspiration at every stage of your wealth building journey with us. >> Learn More

Why We Do It

AT FLPFGWB, we know first-hand the overwhelming, exhausting and often lonely and discouraging process of navigating social and financial barriers to create a higher standard of living for ourselves and our loved ones. Our #1 priority is equipping first generation wealth builders and second-generation wealth builders with the education, mentors and opportunities that we used and are still using in our own journeys to build individual and generational wealth, attain stability and freedom and breaking generational poverty. > Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

Where We Do It

Schedule a time to visit us at our local office HQ in Springfield, MA, USA or visit us during open house hours or become a FGWB Member for as little as $59 per month for 24/7 access to our online community, weekly wealth building live webinars and trainings, chat with wealth building mentors in the community throughout the week, watch unlimited episodes of FLP On Demand, 50% off private coaching / mentorship & so much more! >> Become a FGWB Member 


  • Continue growing in your education on money and wealth building with a reality check on the latest in business, money and investing options in a stress-free and fun way
  • Learn tried and true actions you can take immediately to start or continue your path to building individual and eventually, generational wealth regardless of what stage in your journey you are in
  • Learn how to save and manage your money better while still occasionally treating yourself
  • Learn how to save and manage your money in a manner that allows you to purchase, invest and grow financial assets in 6 months to 1 year
  • Become an owner: real - estate, business and other financial ASSETS while minimizing liabilities
  • Increase the quality of your network and associations
  • Learn about other forms of capital and how to go about securing funding for personal, professional and entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Learn how to get the most ROI for your hard work, time, money, skillsets and energy
  • Learn the different between assets and liabilities and the different ways of securing various assets
  • Create a strong portfolio of short-term and long-term financial assets complete with an estate plan, succession plan and asset protection measure
  • Learn how to leave a strong financial and community development legacy for your loved ones and be able to care for them even after you have passed away
  • Pursue a life doing more of what you love and less of what you don't.


Become a FLP first generation or second generation wealth builder and activate your membership for 24/7 access to DAILY wealth building inspiration and motivation while you grow alongside other wealth builder around the globe, WEEKLY live wealth building chats with the Founder / CEO and professionals in the finance, business and investing industries, watch FLP ON DEMAND whenever and wherever you desire, receive discounts on private mentoring sessions and upcoming retreats / events and so much more! 

  • Classes and Workshops
  • Free 1:1 Mentorship and Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Live Videos and Q&A sessions
  • Daily Inspiration (Videos and Articles) 
  • Educational Videos
  • Various Opportunities to Earn Income
  • Various Employment, Job and Entrepreneurial Opportunities (NO SCAMS ALLOWED)
  • Funding Opportunities: Scholarships, Grants, Business Programs, Compeitions
  • Networking Opportunities with C-Suite Executives, Community Leaders, Social Change Activists and more from around the world
  • A diverse, supportive, engaging and resourceful community who invested in this community to be able to attain success with a community supporting, guiding and advising them on their journey to success to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time/resources 
  • Exclusive promo codes and invites to many programs, events, pitch contests, conferences, retreats and other opportunities from around the world that are only available to those in this community

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Steps to Join

1. Apply here, and submit payment.

2. Request access to the online community, download the app, and sign in.

3. Join a weekly virtual generational wealth circle.

✨Long-Term Vision: 100 Chances Initiative

To create a universal framework for at least 50% of poverty reduction in America and leave behind a legacy of poverty reduction impact work, starting with our research from students coming into our program, as well as our community development work related to systemic racism and various forms of systemic oppression in America, the American government and internal community analysis

Our Vision: 100 Chances Initiative (as of January 2021, launching January 2023)

  • 100 generational wealth bootcamps hosted annually with sponsored commitments of 5–10 years or more
  • 100 grants and scholarships given annually
  • 100 first generation and second-generation wealth building members retained annually
  • 100 financial, business and investing mentors retained annually
  • 100 wealth building episodes available for public access with 100K viewers annually
  • 100 generational wealth bootcamp partners and sponsors
  • 100 jobs created with our organization
  • 100 team members and their communities benefiting from our team equity promise

Updated as of November 2021: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3XubfvOj6g3oyqZNJpF9ogaoEBk8rasU

Learn More (old video): https://youtu.be/wfmOYcKRx2I

✨Values & Philosophy

Integrity: We operate our business with honor and integrity. We own our mistakes as much as we own our success and aim to make proper amends whenever an error is made on our end.

Progress Not Perfection / Continual Progress: You can start transforming your life right now. We believe the best time to start was yesterday and that it is important to appreciate and value the journey over the end result. Our work theme is start where you are with what you have; just start

Fair Trade: Here, your value is always affirmed. We believe in trading fair services at fair prices or in excellent bartering partnerships

Transparency: We publish an annual report of the programs we have created, support and where our donations and 10% of annual proceeds are going and supporting for you to see and share.

Be the __ You Would Look Up To / Want In Your Life: Instead of waiting for someone to take note and become sensitive to the needs of first generation and second-generation wealth builders, we decided to do it ourselves.

Accountability Community: One of the best ways of transforming your life for the better and living a life of fulfillment, stability and wealth building, is a change of environment. We provide a community of supportive, ambitious and resourceful individuals who want you to succeed and hold high importance on collaboration and integrity. To us, you are not just a client or consumer but a valued family member. Also, we will never tell you that you are “too ambitious.” We provide a safe space to dream big and find the accountability support to achieve even bigger.

Experiential Mentorship: Just as we believe in the powerful transformative power of communities, we also believe in the power of personal / professional coaching and mentorship. Mentors can be the people you need to expedite your success in life, and at every stage of your journey, we will assign a mentor to help you gracefully navigate your current circumstances and next steps.

“In-Trenched” Streamlined Curriculum: Our curriculum, masterclasses and programs are informed by our direct work, impact and research “in the trenches” or on the ground level in the communities we seek to serve. With our streamlined 5 stages approach to ownership and wealth education, we address the unique obstacles that are directly acknowledged by underrepresented and underserved communities of first -generation wealth builders to equip them with the education, community, mentors and opportunities to take back control over their future, time and overall health, financially and otherwise.

Curriculum: We saw a need for educational programming that addresses the unique obstacles presented to women of ethnic descent on their journey to taking back control over their lives and attaining stability and wealth. Instead of waiting for someone who take note and become sensitive to these needs, we decided to do it ourselves.

Autonomy Over Your Growth Process and Wealth Building Journey: We are not here to tell you one way to live your life to the fullest. Rather, we want to introduce you to as many options and opportunities as possible and support you in choosing which programs and/or services would be best for you in addition to our expert recommendations and suggestions with experienced and relevant guidance and support from our in-house experts

Learn more by visiting our blog or join us at one of our online community events: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/first-ladies-of-poverty-foundation-18025761206


The Online Membership Program for First Ladies of Poverty Foundation, LLC community members, Invest2Manifest™ members and fans of of By Way of Melanin™ and By Way of Melanin TV™.


Many "success" and "career development" programs today do not take into account the unique obstacles people of color face every single day on their journey to success. Despite "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps," adults and youth of color alike face systemic barriers on their journey to success and promotions in leadership, no matter how qualified, credible or talented they may be.

We envision a world where not only do people of color fight against systemic oppression, but they are provided with the supportive community, educational resources, professional entrepreneurial training and individual mentor-ship to do so. The end result we seek when working with communities of color is to be able to provide accessibility to the resources for people [adults and youth] of color to overcome systemic barriers to attain success (financial stability and a higher quality of life).

We cannot achieve success to our fullest potential if we continue giving power to passed down generational curses, whether it be poor intimate relationships with others, limiting beliefs, financial instability, or any other form of poverty. Our community is for individuals looking to collaboratively break glass ceilings and generational curses, within themselves, their families, and their communities.

A Huge Thank You

A big thank you to our team, committee members, allies, partners in service and sponsors for giving us the ability to do what we love (educate and serve under-served populations) while providing access to resources and opportunities for creating a more fulfilling more stable future for ourselves and our loved ones.

We partner with educational institutions and community organizations to bring our unique, hands-on career and talent development programs, as well as our enrichment programming to empower their communities of color to succeed not only in academia but in the real-world.* We also partner with businesses around the globe to promote their services and products to our communities in exchange for sponsoring one of our programs. Learn more about how your organization can partner with us to design and implement strategies for "being a part of the solution" in opportunity equity for communities of color, inquire about sponsoring one of our programs or book one of our experts / mentors to speak or host today!



We Celebrate Allies - We Love Our Allies!

Our team also recognizes, celebrates and partners with allies. Among services listed above, we also provide the opportunity for allies to get involved and promote their expertise, services and products with the women we work with and the communities we serve. We teach various classes and workshops, as well as develop partnerships with organizations, educational institutions and businesses around the world to improve the performance, leadership and inclusion initiatives. In addition to services for individuals, services are also offered to allies looking to promote their services, share their expertise, partner with us, request leadership and/or ally training and workshops, or get involved with the FLP.  

Effective leadership consulting and training, in addition to organizational and individual allyship services are available to allies looking to increase effectiveness in their allyship and leadership, as well as get involved. Allies can be individuals, community groups, organizations, or businesses. By partnering with us, allies are able to maximize the benefits of diversity and inclusion, reduce bias and prejudice against the communities of color they work with and serve, be a part of the movement for access and increased quality of living.

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Our Values and Philosophies